About us


We Build Teams.

Teams Achieve Dreams.

Phoenix is a leading organizer of "edutainment" interactive programs which aim to enhance the concept of trust, team building, teamwork and collaboration. We have developed a set of tools and equipment that are designed specifically for this concept and we run the programs outdoors within a competitive and fun atmosphere. Our programs are based on knowledge, training, exploration and entertainment, and we provide positive values for each participant with us. Our programs are tailored towards corporate employees, local and international organizations, public and private sector employees, youth organizations, university students and schools

Khalid Suleiman

Khalid is a recognized athlete and a prominent graduate of the faculty of fitness and physical education at the University of Jordan with years of experience in sports and fitness.

Mohammed Hawashin

As a Master Scout, Mohd Hawashin has years of experience leading youth and organizing adventure outings and team building programs.